About Us

"Digital General Contracting" is a Saudi-based company with a steadfast presence in the market since 2015. Our unwavering commitment lies in ushering organizations into the era of next-generation technologies, in perfect harmony with Saudi Arabia's visionary 2030 agenda. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to the successful delivery of projects, with an unwavering priority on ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our esteemed clients

Suliman Abdullah Alashgar


Welcome to our site! Digital General Contracting, founded in 2015, is on a mission to drive organizational agility and success through technology. We believe that technology can tackle the world's biggest challenges, and we're committed to making a difference. Over the past decade, we've launched products and services benefiting facilities in the Kingdom, both public and private. We've expanded our reach and nurtured our team's growth. We're proud of our achievements so far, but we're even more excited about the future. With gratitude for our dedicated team, supportive customers, and partners, we welcome you to learn more about us and join our journey

General Manager
Suliman Abdullah Alashgar

General Manager (Digital General Contracting)